Christiane Casella

Christiane is an experienced sculptor working in bronze. After receiving her undergraduate and graduate degrees in art and education respectively, she taught sculpture, ceramics, metals, and art history before embarking on a full-time career as a sculptor.

Her work is at once representational and symbolic, reflecting a reverence for classical sculpture while embracing nuances, and at times, an outright boldness for modernity. Christiane loves to sculpt human hands believing in their power to capture the essence of the human spirit. Christiane lives and works from her studio based in New Hope, PA.

“The inspiration for my work is borne of the sea: playful, sublime, honest, raw, contemplative, fluid. To feel its meaning one need only look inward and breathe into that sacrosanct space that is full of life, joy, sorrow, bravery, mystery, rebirth. For me, sitting before the ocean is a reminder of the dignity, beauty, and grace that is this life. It is the space for quiet contemplation, reflection, and rejuvenation. To know this space is to know my work.”